Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The Boy Done Good.

Mr PBBB went to Brussels yesterday.  We all know what happened last time he went.  Yes, that's right, Brussels had 'run out of chocolate' and he brought me back a red pointy hat with a bell on it as a present.

So scathing was my reaction that this time he seems to have phoned in advance to double-check on the chocolate thing.

And he went not to any old sweetie shop but to Valrhona, King of Chocolate.  A whole goody bag stuffed full of les grandes crus chocolates.  Blocks of intense, powerful dark single estate Manjari, Tainori, Albinao and Guanaja, a box of assorted chocolatey delights and some decadent chocolate sauce.

His other bags are clanking suspiciously but I've pretended I can't hear. He's in the good books for the rest of the week.  Well, until Friday.


  1. Good stuff but it's interesting that he brought you back French chocolate from Brussels... ;)

  2. True. ;oD
    "Valrhona" refers to the Rhône Valley. Very nice stuff nonetheless !

  3. You're lucky he didn't bring you back sliced horse (available in all the best Belgian delicatessens, I kid thee not).

  4. Good points, boys. The brief is getting tougher...

  5. Wow..... choaoclate... since I'm posting this on a sunday I'm allowed chocolate. All your photos look scrummy-yumptious!