Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Sisters in Arms

More often than not someone at a beer event will say 'Oh you should meet my wife, you'd have LOADS to talk about'. Indeed we would:

HISTORY: Beer - a perfectly pleasant drink in the right context or the foundation of the modern world? Don't get them started.
HUMAN BIOLOGY: Is there enough milk thistle in the world to counter-balance the effects of a night at The Rake?
PHYSICS: The special bend in the space-time continuum that occurs between the start of a beer event ("I'll probably only stay an hour") and the crashing through the front door at 3am with a kebab
ELEMENTARY ARITHMETIC: "I thought you said you were only having ONE?"


  1. On the human biology : Apparently not, I have a fully armed hangover going on.

  2. We should collect favourite hangover tips in time for Christmas. Mine's tropical Lucozade and the vegetarian breakfast from the cafe round the corner. Or failing that, all the Bs: bacon, bubble, black pudding and beans.