Thursday, 12 November 2009

We're revolting

Poor old Mr PBBB hasn't half had some gyp since yesterday.

The lovely Mark Dredge wrote a moving tribute to his long-suffering girlfriend Lauren, which I forwarded to Mr PBBB saying something along the lines of 'this is what a nice beer writer does', although I may have also suggested he boil his head at the same time.

Apparently I should look in more detail at the acknowledgments on his 3 books which 'go on in length about how lovely you are'. Hmm. That's all very nice and what-have-you but I think all beer widows out there know that one mention every couple of years is sparse recompense. A more regular celebration of our patience, fortitude and tolerance in the form of flowers, chocolate and possibly a small house in the Dordogne wouldn't go amiss.

At the risk of sounding ungracious, being presented with 'beer I thought you'd really like' from foreign trips doesn't really cut the mustard. And it was a very misplaced 'joke' when I was given a red pointy promotional hat with a bell on it last time he came back from Belguim (apparently Belguim had sold out of ALL of the chocolate for which it is world-famous...).

We can spot airport gifts at the drop of a (red pointy) hat and no we don't even like promotional glasses - however pretty their shape - though thanks for trying.

I have the loveliest husband in the world and appreciate much of what beerdom brings. However, I'd love to hear from other beer widows (we hope that the lovely Melissa Cole's husband won't be offended by an invite too) so we can swap notes - I'm thinking shopping survival tactics, beer-conversation-stoppers and a universally agreed, mutually beneficial word for 'PLEASE can we talk about something else apart from sodding beer?'


  1. What a great blog - lovely to hear from you!!

    I'm on the other side and one day will have a beer widower, just as soon as my mother can find the appropriate Jewish doctor that passes muster and succumbs to my charms - if that ever happens I'll send him your way!!

    What would be great is if you can make sure you try and mention beer in every post and overtake Mr PBBB in the Wikkio rankings that he also obsesses over ;o)

  2. tee hee this is great, good for you thanks for the link :)
    ps> PB always buys his gifts at the airport that way you get the worlds most expensive ham!!

  3. all we have to do know is get you to the top of wikio

  4. Brilliant Liz! Bugger only knows what Lucille would write about me if she had a blog!

  5. Or at least knock PB down to No3. By a bird. Thats his missus. Cracking idea Stu.

  6. Hi Liz,

    "(we hope that the l*v*l* Melissa Cole's husband won't be offended by an invite too)"

    I guess you mean the *Legendary* Melissa Cole, here ? ;o)))

    Good to have you bringing up that much-overlooked perspective on beer things so many of us beery monsters tend to forget. Although my own slate is pretty clean on that account, I'm looking forward to read more from you.

  7. Brlliant. I'm surprised by how this has developed... I only intended it as an 'I know I can be a pain sometimes, but thanks' kind of post and now look at it. There could be trouble ahead for some of us now 'it' has a voice...

    This is a great post. And thanks for referring to me as 'the lovely Mark Dredge' as opposed to Pete's 'Young Dredge'!

    And I wouldn't call you revolting. In revolt maybe, but not revolting.

  8. Fantastic.
    Can I offer up the guilt gift that came back from one trip to Belgium?
    'Hey, this perfume stuff isn't so expensive, is it?' he said with a broad grin.
    'That's because it's deodorant,' I replied.

    Can I also offer up the following unacceptable 'gifts': beer towels. Bottle openers. Large t-shirts. These are NOT suitable presents.

    We don't have a 'word' - we have the hand. The hand means 'shut the f*** up about beer before I find a new use for a beer bottle.'

  9. This is all getting really scary.....

  10. He brought you a pointy hat? I hope you rung the bell on his head.

    As having a beer widow of my own at home, it's nice to hear these stories. It's a learning experience. Maybe I'll find a way to keep my head out of the boil for a few additional years with your help.

    By the way, I think this article made me laugh harder than anything Pete wrote.